Black Ant - Male Stimulant 12800mg

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99,00 ZAR per unit for buying at least 10

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Black Ant is a libido booster for men that suffer from ED (erectile dysfunction) and has the same effects as Viagra and Cialis. Alcohol does not affect the result of this product, but may take longer for it to work. Blackant will increase the size of your penis by increasing the blood flow to the penis which in turn also gives you a rock hard erection as if you were in your 20s again. This is a herbal remedy for male stimulation. Black Ant also helps delay premature ejaculation by working as a delay, so you can have sex for longer and impress your partner all the while enjoying yourself. 


Black Ant is an erectile stimulant
Thanks to the advancements in modern sexual enhancement, individuals suffering from a decrease in libido may now be able to enjoy the excitement of a youthful sexual experience.

A box of Black Ant 12800mg contains: 10 tablets for the erection and increased desire and 10 gel capsules to increase the flow of sperm


Take 1 Tablet orally 30 minutes before sexual stimulation Rub the opened Gel Capsule on your penis as a delay oil.